Stage One

Young Saudi Film Festival (YSFF) was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles By Saudi students at New York Film Academy (Rakan Aneghaimsh - Abdulaziz Al Mutairi).

The idea began by creatting a cinematic platform for Saudi Filmmakers in Hollywood - the capital of entertainment - to contribute In changing the negative stereotypes about Saudis in the Western world.

New York Film Academy administration was thilled about the idea and they became our first sponsors Tow years for both of YSFF2017 and YSFF2018. The festival was admired by the filmmakers and had a very good exposure In the region where the number of applicants to the festival in the second version has been Rose 400% from the first version.

Moving Back to Saudi

After the cinematic movement in Saudi Arabia began to be active and taking its course The Supreme Approvals were issued for the reopening of the cinema's in Saudi Arabia, the founders of the festival decided it was time to move the festival to the Kingdom.


The Festival will be a cinematic innovation platform for Saudi and non Saudis filmmakers that competes in a global level.


To Find a platform for the Successful Saudi filmmakers to screen there fims under one roof. Creating cinematic awareness for future generations to prepare them for their involvement in the film industry and encouraging them to love filmmaking. Demonstrate the Saudi heritage for the world and change The stereotype about Saudi Arabia by Saudi Cinema.


Supporting Saudi Filmmakers and embracing Promising talents to promote the cinematic movement in Saudi Arabia.

YSFF (3) 2019 - Official Selection